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The Awards for NOGOF 2021 are Local Content driven looking at how projects to date by related organizations, using the criteria per each award category to gauge contributions to the success of Local Content  Development within the O&G sector being monitored by NCDMB as mandated by the Local Content Act of Nigeria, 2010.

Therefore, the awards will recognize the unique contribution and efforts made by the oil and gas industry per participants nominated across all parts of the industry value chain for the betterment of the wider community and environment, in relations to the local upliftment it provided.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the industry aware of your invaluable work and establish yourself and your company as an example of excellence and innovation in the oil, gas and energy industry.

Kindly download NOGOF 2021 Award Completion Template below, fill and submit your entries to this email address:

nOGOF 2021

Award Categories

General Criteria

  • Employment Level-Submission shows the enhanced level of participation of local people and businesses as a direct result of the projects activities.
  • Capital Spend/Economic Impact-Submission clearly describes the overall financial impact generated by the project, documenting measurable business impact and demonstrates the in-country value highlighting the promotion of actions that nurture autonomous and sustainable local socio-economic development, micro-entrepreneurship and infrastructure projects.
  • Impact on Local Content- i.e. Economic, Commercial, Organizational impacts.
  • Originality– That work resulted in new to industry knowledge and applicable to new frontiers across the O&G Value chain, innovative solutions and sufficient peer review on the subject of originality
  • Industry Relevance/Impact- Subjects ability to be applicable and repeatable across the industry; linked to devise new ways or use cases within the industry; future benefits and advantages for the oil and gas industry are to be clear and distinguishable.
  • Human Capital Development – Submission showcases the wider community/country betterment and improvement that the project has brought. Highlighting examples of how the project transferred skills and knowledge, boosting the community skill assets. And/or through, but not limited to, programs aimed at promoting and improving access to education, vocational training and scholarships.
  • Innovation
  • Submission clearly outlines the inventive technologies, products and services that an existing/ start-up is offering and the industry pain points they address.
  • Clear demonstration of the products/services departure from previously established methods or processes and usage of technological breakthroughs.
  • Submission maps out the before and after improvements that the products/services bring and clearly defines the core operating processes they will impact.
  • Business model
  • Submission demonstrates a thorough business case showcasing the start-up’s/company financial sustainability.
  • Strong demonstration of the existing/or start-up’s vision, strategic plan and organizational structure for long-term sustainable results.
  • Submission illustrates extent of scalability and market reach of the existing company’s/ start-up’s products and services.
  • Industry impact
  • Evidence of practical business application of the products and services within the energy value chain.
  • Clear demonstration that the existing/ start-up’s products and services are ready for market and for wider adoption and application.
  • Submission describes the significant industry contribution the products/services hold and explains how the industry is/will be impacted locally, regionally and/or globally.

Evidence Depicting Criteria being met


Certificates-Project completion certificates

Written and Pictorial evidence of work done

Reports of work done


Commendations-Other awards/recognitions

nOGOF 2021

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