1. Have you attended the Nigerian oil and gas opportunity fair before?*

2. What is your primary reason for attending the fair?*

3. How many days do you plan to attend the fair?*

4. Which industry sector are you most interested in?*

5. What is your level of experience in the oil and gas industry?*

6. Do you plan to visit any of the exhibitor booths at the fair?*

7. How did you hear about the Nigerian oil and gas opportunity fair?*

8. Which of these types of sessions would you be interested in attending*

9. What are your overall expectations for the fair?*

10. What topics do you expect to hear at the NOGOF?

11. What do you expect to see at the exhibition booths during the fair?

12. Whom are the speakers (if any) you are anticipating to hear from?

13. What kind of panel are you expecting to see?